Transforming Last-Mile Data into Actionable Insights: A Case Study of Power BI and PostgreSQL Implementation for F4ID


This case study explores the collaboration between F4ID, an organization dedicated to providing essential goods and services to households in last-mile environments, and sbPowerDev, a leading data analytics and visualization company. The objective was to leverage the data collected through F4ID’s L20 platform and transform it into actionable insights using Power BI reports powered by PostgreSQL.

Problem Statement

F4ID faced challenges in effectively utilizing the vast amount of data collected through the L20 platform. Manual analysis was time-consuming, error-prone, and hindered decision-making. They needed a solution to harness the power of data and drive program effectiveness.


sbPowerDev partnered with F4ID to design and implement a comprehensive solution. The core tools chosen were Power BI for data visualization and analysis and PostgreSQL as the efficient and scalable database to store and retrieve L20 data.


Understanding Requirements: sbPowerDev collaborated closely with F4ID to understand their specific reporting needs and program objectives.

Database Setup: PostgreSQL was implemented to efficiently store and manage the collected data from the L20 platform. Its robustness and scalability made it an ideal choice for the project.

Power BI Report Development: sbPowerDev leveraged Power BI’s capabilities to create customized reports, including pages such as Summary, Merchant Info, Beneficiary Info, and Program Info, to address the specific needs of F4ID.


The collaboration between F4ID and sbPowerDev, leveraging Power BI reports and PostgreSQL as the underlying database, successfully transformed L20 data into actionable insights. This case study demonstrates the power of data analytics and visualization in driving decision-making, program optimization, and better outcomes for last-mile communities.

By leveraging the strengths of Power BI and PostgreSQL, F4ID and sbPowerDev exemplify how organizations can effectively utilize data to make informed decisions and positively impact the communities they serve.

Results and Benefits

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