Use AI To Kickstart Email Creation

With the aid of Copilot-powered content ideas, you may quickly get from email concept to completion by learning fresh approaches to expressing your views. This post describes how to use the content ideas copilot to get your emails off to a great start.

What is the copilot for content ideas?

The ideas for the content Copilot can serve as your email writing equivalent of a brainstorming companion. Copilot provides you with a variety of longer content ideas that you can expand upon once you give it a brief list of your initial thoughts (key points) and choose a tone of voice. You can include these ideas into your draft, use them as a springboard for a completely new draft, or take a completely different approach.

Enable Copilot

Activate or deactivate the copilot option for content ideas.

  1. Go to SettingsOverview > Feature switches.
  2. Enable/disable the Global Opt-in consent
  3. Enable/disable the Copilot data movement across geographies

How to come up with content ideas using Copilot

  1. To open the Copilot window, select the Copilot button in the email editor toolbox or the Copilot button above the text editor on canvas.

2. The copilot will automatically fill in suggested key points to develop fresh ideas if your email is not empty (contains at least 10 words) and will use the content of your email as guidance. After then, you can hone them to fit your requirements. If your email is blank or has fewer than ten words, select Custom or pick one of the suggested themes from the list.

  • Copilot automatically fills in example important points for you when you choose one of the suggested subjects; you can adjust them to suit your needs.
  • Include up to five important points in your email if you choose a custom topic (a minimum of three words per key point is advised). Alternatively, you can use ready-made examples (use the See examples link, then use this example for a subset of important topics).

3. Select the Tone of voice.

4. Select Get ideas.

5. Copilot produces a list of suggested texts. The time it takes to generate content could be as little as 15 seconds, depending on usage.

6. Use the scrollbar in the content ideas window to browse the generated ideas.

7. Choose To come up with more ideas for the same main topics, gather more inspiration.

Generate ideas using your organization's emails

The content ideas copilot feature allows you to customise its context. To improve the relevancy of generated ideas, the content ideas copilot examines your company’s ready-to-send/live marketing emails (minimum of 20) as well as a variety of online sources. The analysis is a one-time procedure that may require several hours to complete.

The Copilot analysis will start here:

  1. To see the content suggestions pane, select the Copilot button in the email editor toolbar.
  2. Click Enable if your organisation has enough live, ready-to-send marketing emails (at least 20) and you have read permission to view all of them before beginning the analysis process.
  3. A pop-up window notifying you that your emails are ready for analysis appears. The duration of this one-time procedure is several hours. To continue, select Enable.
  4. You will be able to come up with suggestions employing emails from your organisation once the analysis of current emails is finished.

In the content ideas pane, list up to five main areas you wish to include in your email to start brainstorming ideas. After checking the box to generate ideas using the emails in your organisation, click the Get ideas button.

How does the Copilot technology work?

The concepts for the content A machine learning model known as GPT-3.5 serves as the foundation for copilot helper. With extensive training on internet text samples, GPT-3.5 can produce fresh English text that seems and sounds like human-written content. Copilot starts with GPT-3.5 and looks at your company’s most recent (English) ready-to-send emails as well as the main messages you want to convey with every new email draft. Only the results that are lengthy and distinctive enough to be of value are displayed by Copilot, concealing any personal information hidden within idea generation.

What kind of information does Copilot gather?

If you agree, Copilot will evaluate recent (English) ready-to-send emails from your company automatically and without the need for human review. When you submit generated ideas to Microsoft (using a brief feedback form included within the content ideas feature), that’s the sole occasion when a human evaluates the content.

What if I'm not satisfied with the generated content?

Copilot creates email suggestions based on the points you provide. Make sure your key points include the main ideas you want your audience to understand. Add two to five essential points. For every major point, use a phrase or a set of related terms.

If the concepts that are generated don’t satisfy you, consider attempting one or more of the following:

  1. Make sure you’ve gone over each created concept by continuing to browse through them.
  2. Take further inspiration from the previously mentioned focal points.
  3. To generate new ideas, reword or add additional important elements.

The original content produced by Copilot isn’t always accurate. Additionally, certain text suggestions may contain incorrect or dubious content because the underlying technology for content ideas leverages AI that has been educated on a variety of internet sources. To ensure that your final copy is accurate and suitable, it is your obligation to change the generated suggestions.

Stay tuned for more. 

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